NDIS Plan Management

Yahweh NDIS Plan Management services are here to support you and make keeping track of your NDIS finances easier, safer, and more effective.


What is an NDIS plan manager?


Under NDIS Plan Management, you will get a Financial Intermediary who will help you with finances and everyday administration of the NDIS plan. Our NDIS plan Manger will take away the stress and provides you with the required support and security.Your NDIS plan management provider will:

  • organise payments to your NDIS providers.
  • help you to keep track of your NDIS funds and spending.
  • take care of NDIS financial reporting requirements.

Yahweh NDIS Plan Management services:

  • support you to get the most out of your NDIS plan.
  • take away your worries about financial administration.
  • ensure your providers are paid correctly and on time
  • allocate you a Finance and Consumer Service Officer as an easy point of contact if you have any questions.

With this service, you can feel trustworthy that your invoices will be paid on-time. Having access to the personal dashboard, you can check your NDIS plan budget and transactions anytime.

NDIS Plan Management costs

If your NDIS plan includes plan management services already, you don’t have to pay money for the usage. Thus, ensure to ask for Plan Management services to be included in the NDIS plan during the first meeting itself.


What are all the available options to manage my NDIS Plan finances?


DIS Plan Management is one way to manage your finances. Since you are in control, you can choose differently based on your financial aspects and Plan.These are:

  • NDIA (Agency) Managed Plans
  • Self-Managed Plans
  • A combination of the above, including NDIS Plan Management.

Plan Management has become one of the most chosen options for many people as it offers great flexibility and options with minimum time-consuming methods.


Join our NDIS Plan Management services


Getting started and signing up for our Plan Management services For details on visit our website at https://www.yahwehpc.com.au/ You can also reach us on 1300 925 355 or write to us at info@yahwehpc.com.au