Community participation & transport

Community Transport Service

It is important for us that we provide the best transport and travel assistance to participants at Yahweh Care. Through the NDIS Yahweh care also provides funding that will allow you to hire a support worker to drive you around and even accompany you in your travel. Our main goal at Yahweh Care is to help our participants gain independence. We at Yahweh Care also provide individual transport and travel plans that help in assisting our participants to complete their daily transportation requirements.

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Community Participation

The community participation program aims at creating a communal interaction between people with disabilities and the larger community wherein they can interact with others in a social setting and partake in activities of their choice. This community participation serves multiple purposes such as accelerating communication and participation alongside giving a chance to participants to find like-minded people and indulge in hobbies and recreation. This is also a good avenue for people to network and probably gain employment. The opportunity to be in a communal setup and interacting and communicating with others help participants improve their independence and confidence levels NDIS providers give huge importance to community programs and offer great support to them. Supports funded under the NDIS program should be validated as reasonable and essential based on the participant’s goals. It could include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Day Trips
  • School Holiday Activities
  • Group Activities
  • Centre-Based Activities

It could include

Recreational activities

There is a provision for a limited number of programs the person can partake in to determine if it is of interest. If yes, they can proceed with it.

Group activities

This option lets them engage in group activities such as camps and training, which can enhance their interpersonal skills, communication skills, and so on.

Other items

This refers to auxiliary items that might need to be customized to support the requirements of the participants.

Community Participation – Social and Recreation Activities

Yahweh Care is an Inner Sydney disability assistance provider. Certified by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we have helped and supported many who still use our services. Our core aim is to make the participant to lead a peaceful and independent life with minimal care and support. Some of our services include group and in-centre activities, specialized disability support, therapeutic support, exercise physiology and personal training, community participation, assistive products and assistance for household tasks, life skill development, innovative community participation, shared living accommodation, community nursing care, home modification, assistive products, Travel and transport, daily tasks, personal activities, life stage transition, and access and maintenance of employment.

At Yahweh Care, we organise innovative community participation programs for our participants to come together, socialize, interact, and build contacts. We also bring in relevant people from other sectors to exert the inclusivity factor and it has helped our participants in partaking in events, finding employment, and so on.

To know more about our innovative community participation program, visit our website at You can also reach us on 1300 925 355 or write to us at

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We offer a full range of services to support you in your home or business.

Commercial Cleaning

  • Commercial cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning
  • Medical Centre Cleaning
  • Retail Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam cleaning
  • Shopping center cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Age Care facility Cleaning

House Cleaning

  • Unit Cleaning service
  • 2-storey House Cleaning
  • Single Storey House Cleaning services
  • End of Lease cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Sanitiser Cleaning


  • NDIS Support Services
  • Community Participation & Transportation
  • Assist – Personal Activities
  • Electrical service
  • Cleaning and Yard Maintaince
  • Handymanservice
  • Removalist Service

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