Skill Development Activities and Lifestyle

Whether it is a mental disability or a physical one, without proper care and support, people will find it hard to lead a normal life and indulge in activities. In some cases, people may fail to fulfil their requirements due to mobility issues while in other cases it may be due to lack of awareness or guidance. As prescribed by NDIS, participants under disability life skills program should be assisted to perform basic regimes like developing a healthy lifestyle, wellbeing, cooking,, hobbies, road safety, and so on. To lead a fulfilled life, these are the fundamental skills that any human being should be familiar with. The idea behind the setting up of NDIS is to normalize disability and aid participants in leading an independent life. Areas, where skill development activities are provided to participants, are:

Personal hygiene – Maintaining personal hygiene improves morale and self-confidence than improving the health benefits of an individual. Our experts offer guidance and support on performing daily habits such as grooming, showering, etc. Though these seem to be normal habits, a lot of disabled peoples might not be aware of the basics.

Healthy eating 

Eating healthy- As many people are not aware of healthy eating, they might start consuming high-calorie junks or unhealthy food. This can have severe health implications. Through our program, we will advise on high nutrients and dietary routines.


Going shopping is also a good basic that helps improving social skills such as interacting with strangers and more. Our experts will help people handle their shopping chores in addition to life skill development.


Handling financials is a tough job. Right from domestic expenses to personal investments, there is so much to keep track of. Our skill development programs help participants to prepare their resumes, job interviews, and many more.

Life Skills Development Activities & Program: Yahweh care

Yahweh Care is a disability support service provider in Inner Sydney. As an approved NDIS service provider, our vision is to help the participants to become independent individuals. By offering the right support and guidance, we make them enjoy life to the fullest. . Some of our leading services include group activities, disability support, therapeutic support, skill development, personal care, travel & transport, access to jobs, etc. We have a skillful team of experts who have years of experience in working with participants and so we stand as the best and offer the perfect care and support as needed. At Yahweh Care, we approach our participants with the utmost compassion and empathy and guarantee safe, professional, and friendly services. So far, with assist life stage transition, we have helped many participants to enter the new phase without any difficulty. We have provided timely support and guidance at every phase of their life to develop confidence in them. For details on visit our website at You can also reach us on 1300 925 355 or write to us at