Strata Cleaning

Building committees can rest assured that we will take care of all strata-related cleaning in the most professional and satisfactory manner. Yahweh Property Care will manage your strata cleaning from start to finish, maintaining outdoor and indoor areas and keeping them in pristine condition. Learn more about strata cleaning services today, and get in touch with us for a quote.

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Extensive Strata Cleaning Services Sydney

Property managers of subdivided residential and commercial estates can avail of a full range of strata cleaning services from none other than Sydney’s leading home and commercial cleaning service — Yahweh Property Care! Dedicated to providing strata maintenance of the highest standard, we help to build managers and committees to keep outdoor areas and shared indoor amenities neat and clean with routine strata cleaning.

Securing strata cleaning services for strata-maintained areas is essential for maintaining a pristine and inviting communal space. Strata properties, which often encompass shared spaces such as hallways, entrances and common areas, require consistent and professional cleaning to uphold a high standard of cleanliness. 

From routine maintenance to tackling specific challenges presented by high-traffic areas, professional strata cleaning services contribute to the community's well-being by creating a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment that residents can take pride in.

Our highly trained and experienced team at Yahweh Property Care strives to provide convenient solutions for all strata-related cleaning while guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with every service offered! Unlike the average Sydney cleaning service, going above and beyond to meet your strata cleaning requirements is not unusual for us. That’s right; you can expect nothing short of perfection when you hire Sydney strata cleaning service from Yahweh Property Care! Some of the extensive strata cleaning services we offer include garden upkeep, cleaning and sanitising building stairways and elevators, deep cleaning gyms and other common areas of a residential or commercial building. 

We also go beyond strata cleaning and offer a wide range of cleaning services, such as office cleaning, NDIS cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning and childcare cleaning. 

Green Strata Cleaning Services – 100% Safe & Effective Results Guaranteed

We understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint for indoor and outdoor strata cleaning; hence, Yahweh Property Careoffers 100% green cleaning services for all home and commercial properties. Rest assured that we use industry-leading, eco-friendly cleaning products to achieve 100% safe and effective cleaning results. The added benefit is that you never have to worry about your children and pets being at risk with our green strata cleaning services.

We take pride in encouraging strata property managers in Sydney to do their bit for the environment by opting for eco-friendly strata cleaning services instead of environmentally-damaging solutions. Fortunately, Sydneysiders can count on Yahweh Property Carefor an utterly chemical-free service by trained professional strata cleaners!

What's Included In Your Strata Cleaning & Maintenance

External Common Areas

  • Pathways and driveways swept/ blown
  • Mailboxes cleaned
  • Remove loose rubbish
  • Take out/ in rubbish bins

Internal Common Areas

  • Picture frames dusted
  • Stairwell balustrade dusted and cleaned
  • Windows and window sills dusted and cleaned
  • Windows and window sills dusted and cleaned
  • Wall scuff marks cleaned
  • Wall scuff marks cleaned
  • Empty and fill bin lining*
  • Empty and fill bin lining*
  • Remove loose rubbish
  • Clean wheelie bins


  • Glass door and mirrors cleaned
  • Cleaning and dusting furniture
  • Cleaning window sills & windows
  • Cleaning light switches
  • Clean & Remove Marks From Walls
  • Removing loose rubbish
  • Vacuum and mopping foyer floors
  • Cobweb removal

Why You Should Hire Our Sydney Strata Cleaning Services

While the need for a trusted and reliable strata cleaning service is undeniable, the search for the right one to hire ends here! Building committees can rest assured that Yahweh Property Care will handle all strata-related cleaning most professionally and satisfactorily. This is owed to our extensive experience in strata maintenance, including first-hand experience in cleaning outdoor spaces such as soiled cemented floors and exterior walls.

Our strata cleaning services specialise in addressing the unique needs of a shared environment. The Yahweh Property Care team employs thorough cleaning methods to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for residents, visitors and anyone else who may find themselves inside the strata-maintained area.

From start to finish, we vow to provide a satisfactory strata service to all strata properties in Sydney, Australia! Depending on the size of the strata property and the services required, we will send out a team of Sydney’s best strata cleaners, fully equipped with high-quality cleaning tools and, as mentioned earlier, 100% eco-safe products. You can expect Yahweh Property Care's team of professionals to be punctual and work time-efficient and systematically.

We appreciate consistency just as much as you do, which is why we will always send the same strata cleaning team to your property. On average, our cleaners will stay with us for at least three years, so rest assured, you’ll be able to work with a committed and dedicated team.

Thoroughly Screened & Vetted Strata Cleaners

When you book a Sydney strata cleaning service, you want the assurance of hiring respectful, trustworthy, and highly recommended cleaners to do the job for you. Well, that’s only a few qualities our strata cleaners possess; the rest are guaranteed to impress and delight you! Along with an excellent work ethic, they are extremely friendly and compassionate individuals who share mutual respect and those around them.

With the Yahweh Property Care strata cleaning team in your corner, you can trust you’re working with a group of people committed to taking care of your space. 

Yahweh Property Care has spent countless hours screening potential candidates and running background checks on each cleaner before hiring them. In doing so, it’s safe to say we’ve got Sydney’s finest cleaning professionals under our wing, each of whom come with high recommendations. Their experience in strata cleaning gave us the confidence to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you hire our Sydney strata cleaning services!

Yahweh Property Care — comprehensive strata cleaning made easy

Elevate the cleanliness and appeal of your strata-maintained spaces with Yahweh Property Care. We go beyond conventional cleaning, ensuring that shared spaces and common areas are cleaned and revitalised. With our dedication to cleanliness and aesthetic excellence, we transform strata-maintained areas into spaces that reflect the pride and comfort of those who call them home. Contact Yahweh Property Care on 1300 925 355 to obtain a quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We assign the same cleaning team for weekly, fortnightly, and monthly bookings (where possible). If your regular strata cleaning team is unavailable, we will let you know ahead of time. On average, cleaners working with Yahweh Property Care stay over three years.

A team of 2 people is our standard; however, for larger strata-managed complexes, we may send a group of 4. We will notify you upon booking the exact number of cleaners assigned to manage the cleaning and maintenance of your strata complex.

Yahweh Property Carehas one of the lowest cleaner attrition rates in the industry. On average, cleaners working withYahweh Property Carestay over three years and have completed the cleaning of over 1000 homes.

We are a highly-rated cleaning service thousands of customers use in and around the Sydney metropolitan region.
Our 200% satisfaction guarantee is our commitment to industry-shaking customer service.
If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the service, send us an email or give us a call within 48 hours of the service being rendered. We will then return within 72 hours to rectify any missed areas.
If you’re still unhappy after the re-clean is completed, we will refund your money or apply a credit to your account.

Our expert strata cleaners have the experience and know-how to clean strata-managed buildings, large or small. If you have a vast complex,please contact us via phone for a no-obligation-free onsite quote.