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Commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning and NDIS Services

Welcome To Yahweh Property Care!

With more than 15 years in business, Yahweh Property Care has become one of Australia's most reputable property cleaning service providers.

At Yahweh Property Care, our task goes beyond cleaning. We prioritise hygiene and health, covering all kinds of builds and businesses, including offices, hospitals, schools, and homes.

Our skilled and trained cleaners ensure that no job is too harsh, big, or dirty to Master. We do not just vacuum the carpets and wipe off the dirt from the tables; we are committed to providing your home with a deeper, more thorough clean than other cleaners.

Our team of cleaning experts have specialised knowledge of the proper cleaning processes and products tailored for your needs, no matter how complex the job seems. Not only are our services and techniques top-notch, they’re also perfectly healthy.

Each completed job is thoroughly inspected to ensure the quality of the service and to make sure every tasks has been completed with full customer satisfaction. Contact Us Today!

Why Choose Us?

Value For Money Services

We work closely with our customers to decide their cleaning prerequisites, paying little heed to their industry before we set our process to move forward.

Our Security

Your keys are safe with us; we assure you that our staff are trustworthy and they all meet strict employment criteria. We are also fully insured up to $20 million if any unexpected incidents happen; we got it covered!


We assure you that we are equipped with various commercial grade high quality cleaning equipment. We work with our clients to find sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to minimise our carbon footprint, reduce waste and water usage, and deliver cost savings to our clients.

We Care

Dedicated to the highest industry norms in our field, we energetically seek better methods of getting things done, rocking the boat and questioning everything. That is why we constantly keep improving and trying our very best to do things better – to get the best outcome for our customers, their partners and the environment.

Trust Our Team of Experts

We carefully select our experienced and highly trained staff who goes above and beyond regarding work. Regular uniformed staff will be sent to deliver quality and consistency to ensure smooth operations in your businesses or at home. Our company has $20M in public liability and workers’ compensation insurance, and our team abides by health and safety regulations.

Reasons to Trust Yahweh Property Care

We offer an extensive range of cleaning services to business owners across Sydney. Regardless of your business type or industry sector, we provide custom cleaning services tailored to your budget and based on your specific needs.

Commercial Experience

We have commercial experience cleaning a range of workplace environments. We understand the demanding nature of the retail sectorand offer flexible cleaning schedules to avoid disruption. Attention to detail is critical, with each corner and piece of equipment cleaned with care and pride.

Insurance and Compliance

When you work with Yahweh Property Care, you can be assured of stringent health and safety standards and detailed insurance coverage. Our company has $20M in public liability and workers’ compensation insurance, and our team abides by health and safety regulations. Our cleaners are police-checked, trained and experienced, and capable of working in high-stress commercial environments.

Flexibility and Consistency

When you work in the commercial sector, flexibility is crucial. We can clean your workspace during the day or night to avoid disruptions and alter schedules over time to meet your changing needs. Communication is central, so we offer a consultation before each contract begins. At Yahweh Property Care, consistent, high-quality standards are guaranteed.

Top Experienced Cleaners in Sydney

Our staff has an extensive background in professional cleaning, is well-trained in sophisticated, highly-efficient, eco-friendly cleaning and is always extremely polite and on time. The cleaning team is trained to use state-of-the-art equipment for quick and sustainable cleaning services that may help you save costs.

Operations Managers

The management team at Yahweh Property Care comprises hard-working and dedicated individuals who have proven their expertise and leadership capabilities over time and have been selected to lead our branch offices.

Suganty - General Manager of Operations

Arvin - Office Operations Manager

Jelly - Operations Manager

Pearl - Business Operations Manager

Sheno - Operations Supervisor

Cleaning Supervisors

Yahweh Property Care is a team of 50+ highly skilled professionals with expertise in professional cleaning of a range of commercial cleaning and residential properties, including offices, warehouses, retail stores, malls, hospitals, childcare centres, and more.









Set of Proposal

We have sets of proposals to offer. We do a wide range of cleaning commercials that compromise different kinds of buildings to personal goods. Our services include:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • NDIS Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • Medical Centre Cleaning
  • Child Care Centre Cleaning
  • Club Cleaning
  • Start aCleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

Commercial & Office

Cleaners You Can Trust

It is essential to trust your commercial & House cleaners, especially when leaving the entire responsibility of the premises in their hands. We have been in this business for a long time. We could only grow because of you, trusting and entitling us to such reliability. We are licensed and can produce the best guarantee, making us secure for your commercial cleaning company services provider.

Contact Us

For any queries, give us a call at 1300 925 355. Please email us your questions at info@yahwehpc.com.au. Come and visit us at Yahweh Property Care Suite 2, 19 Campbell Street, Blacktown NSW 2148